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Passion8 Diamonds
Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

At Jewellers Workshop we pride our selves in being diamond experts, and as such we take the utmost care in ensuring all diamonds that we select are of exceptional cut and quality. However, for those in pursuit of true perfection, we are proud to offer PASSION8 Diamonds – our premium range of diamonds displaying 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows.

Less than 1% of the worlds diamonds are of a high enough standard to become a PASSION8 Diamond. Once hand selected, the rough stones are expertly cut to exact and perfect mathematical proportions by some of the worlds most qualified diamond cutters and polishers. The cutting can take up to 5 times longer than cutting an ordinary stone and up to 10% more rough weight will be sacrificed to achieve the perfect cut.

The result however, is breathtaking. Each one of the 58 facets is cut to perfect mathematical proportions, revealing 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows within the stone. This ensures light refracting through the diamond only comes out the top surface, creating an extraordinary sparkle.

Hearts & Arrow Diamond Effect

Our Passion8 Range

Our beautiful range of PASSION8 jewellery has been carefully designed and crafted in-house to display the full beauty of these special diamonds. Alternatively you can speak to our team about custom designing your dream piece with a PASSION8 diamond specially selected for you.

Passion8 Diamond Pendant
Passion8 Diamond Studs
Lotus Four Claw
Lotus Eight Claw
Passion8 diamond eternity
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