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Price Guide

All of our jewellery is unique, and therefore comes with unique pricing. Below prices are indicative only and the final cost will be dependent on your diamond selection. There will also be some variation depending on current market rates. Speak to our friendly team about your design and budget requirements and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Pricing is indicative of a complete ring in platinum.

– .50ct$6,650 inc GST / $5,780 tax free
– .75ct$9,300 inc GST / $8,086 tax free
– 1.00ct$14,000 inc GST / $12,173 tax free
– 1.25ct$18,500 inc GST / $16,086 tax free
– 1.5ct +POA

PASSION8 1.09ct: $16,995 inc GST / $14,778 tax free


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