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At Jewellers Workshop we specialise in creating beautiful custom crafted engagement rings. We will help guide you in designing an engagement ring that is unique and special to you, for a beautiful piece that is made to last for a life time. All of our jewellery is made using a range of techniques by our talented jewellers in our on-site Auckland workshop.

Jewellers Workshop Classic Solitaire
Neve Ring
Aura Ring
Bea Ring
Bloom Three Stone
Blossom Ring
Brilliant Ring
Soleil Ring
Brilliant with Diamond Shoulders
Brilliant with Tapered Baguette Shoulders
Brilliant with Carre shoulders
Clara Ring
DIF halo
DIF solitaire
Atlantis Ring
Classic Knife edge solitaire
Kyra Ring
Sienna Ring
Eira Ring
Neve in Pink
Diamond Trilog
Erte Ring and Tulip with Pink Diamond Halo
Diamond Deco
Diamond Wreath
Emerald and Diamond Trilogy
Empress with Halo
Lotus Eight Claw
Lotus Four Claw
Luna Ring
Monarch Solitaire
Empress Tulip and Brilliant
Sapphire and Trilliant Trilogy Ring
Sapphire Solitaire with Diamond Band
Luna in Contemporary
Solitaire Trio
Tulip Solitaire
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